My Story

Linda Harkcom aka Dear Theater Mom

In 2004, my then 7 year old son, stepped onto the stage for the first time in a talent show. Little did I know at that point our lives would change forever, for the better.

Every mother thinks their child is talented and of course his father and I thought he had a nice voice but we were unprepared for the response we got from family, friends and the judges of the show. One judge, when told our son had never had a voice lesson said “you must get him proper training right away!”

Thus began my search for such training. But a reputable voice teacher typically will not take boy that young. So I was left looking for another way for him to get some kind of arts training, when I came upon a listing for our local community college’s theater camp. I signed him up and he fell in love with musical theater. Our daughter, at age 4,  soon followed when she joined the cast of a community theater production our son had been cast in.

Since then our lives have revolved around theater. Our son has appeared in over 100 professional, school and community theater productions. He has been cast as one of the leads in “Summerlings” a new coming of age film and is a musical theater major at the prestigious University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. Our daughter has performed in over 50 theatrical productions and is about to shoot her first film role. Shortly after she will spend two weeks training at ArtsBridge, one of the top precollege training programs in the country.

Over the past 14 yearsI have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do when it comes to raising an actor, choosing training, agents, colleges, etc. as well as working with directors, producers, stage managers and other industry professionals. A bad theater mom can ruin a kid’s career. Believe me I have seen it.

As people learned of my children and their success, people naturally began to call me to seek my council on everything from “my daughter wants to try theater, what should I do,” to “when should we start looking at colleges?”

As more and more people came to me, I realized that there are many more moms and dads out there I could help and Dear Theater Mom was born. I created this website to provide information and tips to help any parent who has a child interested in any part of the entertainment industry. My site contains information that will be beneficial to the beginner as well as to those who have been doing this for quite a while themselves.

The articles based here include my personal insights as well as information from entertainment industry experts.

How can I help you, help your child achieve their dreams?

If there is a topic you would like more information about, please email questions@deartheatermom.com .

As a certified professional Success Coach, I am also offering one on one coaching for parents. These services can be beneficial at any point in your child’s budding career but are especially helpful to those preparing for the college process. Last year alone, 2000 prospective students applied to the top universities in the country and some programs will take only 12 Freshmen into the program each year. For more information visit our coaching page.

I can also provide support through the prescreening process by helping you to create professional videos that will showcase your child in the best way possible. I can also help you create a video reel for your child.

As someone who has been in the marketing and public relations field for 29 years, I can help you create professional marketing tools for your young actor including a website as well as social media pages.

I know first hand that the role of a being a parent of a talented child is sometimes not an easy one especially when you are new to the business. You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to support you in your efforts to help your child achieve their dreams.

All the Best,


Linda’s Professional Bio

Linda Harkcom, a is a professional writer and Success Coach who is also a public relations and marketing consultant. She has 29 years of experience working in the public relations and marketing field and Is also a successful grant writer. Her freelance reporting had been seen in nearly every local newspaper in Southwestern Pennsylvania as well as multiple blogs and as a Certified Comprehensive Coach. She is also a Certified Personal Coach Trainer (PCT), one of only 10 people in the world with this certification. She has coached and trained new coaches for the Coach Institute in New Wales, PA, both nationally and internationally.